#ATXFoodGuyAbroad – Spain

I recently made a fantastic trip to Spain with my good buddy, Carlos, where we visited multiple cities including Madrid, Logroño, Donostia-San Sebastian, Pamplona, and Barcelona. This page will direct you to everything I posted about Spain, enjoy!

#ATXFoodGuyAbroad – Barcelona

#ATXFoodGuyAbroad – Madrid

The only things that don’t fit in the above cities is the AMAZING food we had in Logroño, Pamplona, and San Sebastian on our road trip from Madrid. So here those are in order!

Pinchos on Calle Laurel – Logroño, Spain

Asador Olaverri – Pamplona, Spain

Pinchos in Old Town – San Sebastian, Spain

Bar Arraun – San Sebastian, Spain

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