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I recently made a fantastic trip to Spain with my good buddy, Carlos, where we visited multiple cities including Madrid, Logroño, Donostia-San Sebastian, Pamplona, and Barcelona. This page will direct you to everything I posted about Spain, enjoy!

Madrid | Barcelona

The only things that don’t fit in the above cities is the AMAZING food we had in Logroño, Pamplona, and San Sebastian on our road trip from Madrid. So here those are in order!

Pinchos on Calle Laurel – Logroño, Spain

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Spent a night in Logroño, in the heart of Rioja wine country, which is known for a small tapas like cuisine called pinchos. @atxcocktails and myself spent the evening walking down Calle de Laurel going from bar to bar ordering a pincho and a drink at each place. This included pork skewers, patatas bravas, local mushrooms cooked in olive oil and garlic, more patatas, Spanish chorizo and salchichones, pork cheek, sépia (cuttlefish), and a couple small mushroom sandwiches. Each stop was about €4-7 and included a small bite and a drink of either wine or draft beer so it's a fun way to try a lot of stuff without spending a ton of money. It would be hard to list all the spots we hit here, but I'm building a public Google Map that you can use to retrace my steps should you find yourself in Logroño! Salud!

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Asador Olaverri – Pamplona, Spain

Pinchos in Old Town – San Sebastian, Spain

Bar Arraun – San Sebastian, Spain

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Thinking back to Donostia-San Sebastian when @atxcocktails and I stumbled upon a cocktail bar in a quiet alley away from the pintxos hubbub called @arrauncocktailbar. It was a Monday night so the place was fairly empty but that allowed us the opportunity to sit and chat with the owner, Mikel, and have him mix up some of his awesome specialty cocktails like this beautiful green drink in the photo. The Al Green, consisting of mezcal, lime, basil and black pepper syrup, egg white, absinthe, and orange bitters, had so many amazing flavors coming together to make a complex and delicious drink. He knows what he's doing, especially since he's worked at some notable cocktail bars all over the world so, next time you find yourself in the gastronomical mecca of Spain, be sure to take a short stroll and check out Arraun Cocktail Bar and tell Mikel we sent ya!

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