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I’ve had the absolute pleasure of visiting the wonderful country of Japan the last three years in a row. My initial trip was just to see Tokyo, the second added Kyoto to the mix, and the third pulled in a day trip to Osaka. Each time I visit I fall even more in love with the culture, history, and food that Japan has to offer. Please visit each page depending on your travel plans and reach out if you would like personalized recommendations for your trip!

Kyoto | Osaka | Tokyo

Here are a few posts that couldn’t be included in one of the three major cities:

The Smoke Club – Hamamatsu, JP

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May is barbecue month and as you've noticed when I travel I'll try and seek out great BBQ so when my buddy @tx_bbq clued me in on @thesmokeclub_texasbbq in Hamamatsu, Japan you know I had to find a way to get there! Nestled close to the Shinkansen (bullet) train station, The Smoke Club has a beautiful space dishing out some fantastic smoked meats done the low and slow Texas way. @robpol86, @soniamtz_atx, and I shared this awesome 4 meat and 3 side tray with pork spare ribs, pork belly burnt ends, sausage, and their brisket alternative roast beef paired up with macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and toasted cornbread. I can honestly say, if these guys set up shop somewhere in Texas, they'd do really well because everything was so flavorful and with pictures of Smitty's on the wall and Aaron Franklin's books you know they've done some research. So, should you find you want a delicious pitstop while traveling between Tokyo and Kyoto, consider stopping in Hamamatsu for some beautiful smoked meats!

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Various Saké

Various Street Food and Snacks

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I'm calling today Streetfood Friday where I share a bunch of small, cheap, streetfood fare from my time in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto so be sure to scroll ➡️! First up is a great little spot serving up a variety of skewers, followed by a delicious skewer of unagi (freshwater eel) from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, then two skewers one of swordfish and the other yellowtail, then a watermelon that had been cut open and had it's innards blended for a refreshing drink and snack all in one. Next down the line is the Osaka favorite takoyaki or octopus balls, then a delicious red bean filled taiyaki from Kyoto, all rounded out with a delicious frozen @cocacola with soft serve ice cream from the Golden Pavilion concessions in Kyoto! . What's some of the best streetfood you've had while traveling? . . . . . . . . . #streetfood #japan #tokyo #osaka #kyoto #tokyofood #osakafood #kyotofood #japanesefood #kyotofoodie #osakafoodie #tokyofoodie #travelingfoodie #travelingfoodblogger #atxfoodguy #atxfoodguyabroad #travelingfoodies #foodmarket #foodstall #skewers #unagi #seafood #swordfish #taiyaki #takoyaki #octopus

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