#ATXFoodGuyAbroad – Northern Italy

“Northern Italy” is not very specific but the places featured on this page come mostly from the Emilia-Romagna Province with a couple items from Mantua Province. With that in mind this trip was a blast and it was in celebration of my mom’s 70th birthday! The places visited include Bologna, Modena, Parma, Suzzara and Mantova/Mantua.

Bologna – Sfoglia Rina

Bologna – Trattoria Nonna Gigia

Mantova – Antica Hosteria Leoncino Rosso

Mantova – Ristorante Rigoletto

Modena – La Consorteria 1966

Modena – Ristorante Belvedere Da Danilo

Parma – Trattoria Corrieri

Suzzara – Dinner at our Host’s Home

Suzzara – Ristorante Pizzeria da Marco


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