In A Nutshell – April 2020

With COVID-19 in full swing the month of April saw a lot more takeaway, curbside, and delivery in an attempt to stay safe. I also tried to re-visit Austin area classics to spread my love around evenly. Oh, Kyrena and I also bought a house in April so it was certainly a busy one but I can say this month had some amazing food so let’s get to that already!

Rosewood – Austin, TX

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ – Austin, TX

Short Stop – Austin, TX

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The overwhelming support of the Short Stop Chicken Slammer had me intrigued so I had to try it! 🐔 To the uninitiated, the Chicken Slammer is a sandwich consisting of two chicken strips, jalapenos, cheese, and gravy, on a hamburger bun with a side of fries and an apple hand pie. The description had me a little apprehensive but most of the people who commented on my last Short Stop post swore by it and I now understand why. This thing was good… the chicken tenders were so juicy and we're perfectly fried and the gravy, cheese, and jalapenos worked well together. I need to go back again and get just their tenders because they may rival Bill Millers which is a huge compliment. 🙏 Thank you to everyone who commented on the last post and informed me on what to order on my next visit!

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Delaware Subs – Austin, TX

ArtiPasta – Austin, TX

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Fantastic Italian food is getting easier and easier to find in Austin. 🍝 Especially from the food truck scene like what @artipasta.tx is dishing out down south at the @thicketaustin food truck park! One thing that sets Artipasta apart from a lot of others is Ugo and his team make all the pasta on the truck. A key point to note is he doesn't make just one type of pasta either, no, he makes the appropriate pasta for the dish. The type of pasta matters a lot because some meat heavy sauces like Bolognese tend to go better with tagliatelle where other dishes that are more delicate might need a smoother or thinner pasta noodle or maybe even a shell type like orecchiette. Ugo is from Italy so he fully understands the importance quality ingredients have when making amazing food that doesn't need to be over processed to taste great. 🍝 This specific pasta entree is their carbonara made with spaghetti noodles and topped with crispy fried bacon and black pepper and it's phenomenal. Good check him out!

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Miller’s Smokehouse – Belton, TX

Red Ash – Austin, TX

(Housewarming gift from my Realtor, Anthony Gibson)

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When someone says they'll get you food from anywhere, you have to pick @redashitalia. 🤤 Here's some fun news… @kyrenabeana and I bought a house! 🏡 When this process started I decided to reach back out to the amazing Realtor that helped me find my condo 4.5 years ago, @askanthonygibson of @austinpropertiesgroup. I remembered him being super easy to work with, knowledgeable, patient, and responsive and a bunch of other traits that warrant repeat business and this time was no different. Buying a home in Austin is way different and a lot more tricky compared to what it was when I bought my condo. Luckily, we finally found one we liked at a great price and Anthony was there the whole time to guide us along. 🥩 Now, the food, this was Anthony's housewarming meal for us and it couldn't have been more amazing. We ordered the 20oz bone in filet, the spaghetti alla chitarra, wood roasted vine tomatoes and burrata, parmigiana roasted potatoes, hot and crispy country Italian bread, and tiramisu! Such an amazing meal to cap off the stressful, but rewarding, home buying process. 🙏 Thank you Anthony for the food and for your help through this process!

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Cocktail of the Month:
Homemade – Austin, TX

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