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**Updated 3/21/20**

I’ve only been to Atlanta a couple of times but it’s a cool spot with some great restaurants. Here’s a few of them that I’ve been to!

Atlanta Fish Company

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Lemme take you with me across the country now over to Atlanta, GA. I flew back home from California and three hours later found myself back at the airport about to board my next flight to Hotlanta! My first dinner out in the ATL was with coworkers at the @atlantafishmarket over in the Buckhead area. Now, I love swordfish, and after having it dolled up at @bluewatergrill out in Temecula I kind of wanted to have it again but plainly grilled nice and simple, so that's what I did! This is grilled swordfish with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli and it is exactly what I wanted and needed. Atlanta Fish Market is a cool spot with some great seafood so if you're looking for that fix while visiting Atlanta give them a try!

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Biltong Bar – Ponce City Market

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q

Simply Seoul – Ponce City Market

South City Kitchen

The Southern Gentleman

Smokebelly BBQ – (rebranding/temp. closed)

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Did a status run to maintain A-List status with @southwestair and one of my stops was @smokebellybbq in @atlanta. I've had this place marked for a visit for quite some time so when I finally got to go, I got the biggest platter they had! This is the four meat "Pitmaster's Platter" consisting of Nashville hot chicken, pulled pork, sliced brisket, pork ribs, baked mac and cheese, creamy coleslaw, and a slice of Texas toast. Overall I'd say the Nashville hot chicken and ribs were my favorite of the four and the sides were great. Definitely worth the wait! . . . . . . . . . . . . #Atlanta #atxfoodguy #nashvillehotchicken #texastoast #coleslaw #macncheese #macandcheese #bakedmacandcheese #bakedmacncheese #porkribs #ribs #pork #beef #brisket #pulledpork #pickle #pickles #bbq #slicedbrisket #creamycoleslaw #georgiabbq #georgia #meat #bbqmeat #barbeque #barbecue #fourmeat #meatsweats #manmeatbbq

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Storico Fresco Alimentari e Ristorante

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I needed to find a place for my colleagues and I to have dinner after a work event and I stumbled upon @storicofresco in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. One thing that caught my eye when I ran across it on Google was that they handmake their pastas so I called them up and they were able to accommodate our group on short notice. This is their cacio e pepe made with their chitarra pasta, pecorino Romano, and Sarawak black pepper but, you know how we do, I saw they had crispy prosciutto on another dish so I asked for them to add it to my pasta! You know how bacon is amazing? Crispy prosciutto is like bacon… but better! Anyway, the food was amazing, as expected, and we had a cool table located in the kitchen which just added to the experience. If you're looking for fantastic pasta in Atlanta look no further than Storico Fresco Alimentari e Ristorante!

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Tasty China Jia – Ponce City Market

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On my last night in Atlanta it was just a couple of us for dinner so we popped on over to @poncecitymarket and decided to try out @tastychinasmyrna. We all went basic with our Americanized Chinese entrees like Kung Pao chicken and General Tso's but even those were prepared in a way that honored classic Szechuan style cooking. We also ordered some Xiao Long Bao because my coworkers had never heard of or tried soup dumplings. I can say the flavor was there but the lack of a traditional Chinese soup spoon to aid in eating these dumplings really caused the experience to suffer a bit. Still, the filling was great, and they were steamed perfectly, so I would still recommend them… but maybe you should stick a Chinese soup spoon in your pocket to bring with you to better enjoy this shareable dish. Ponce City Market is one of the coolest places I've been to in Atlanta as it's a combined food hall, boutique mall, and entertainment center all in one stop. Highly recommend a visit if you find yourself in the ATL!

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