In A Nutshell – January 2019

January saw a return to my roots visiting a bunch of BBQ and burger places but, let’s be honest, that’s the kind of thing my followers like! So here’s a look back at the start of the new year!

Otherside Deli – Austin, TX

Donburi – Taste of Urbanspace – Tyson’s Corner, VA

The Switch – Dripping Springs, TX

Way South Philly – Austin, TX

City Market BBQ – Luling, TX

la Barbecue – Austin, TX

JewBoy Burgers – Austin, TX

Old Thousand – Austin, TX

Better Half – Austin, TX

Cocktail of the Month:
Nickel City – Austin, TX

Ok, sure, this isn’t a cocktail, but I’ve had quite a few Nickel City boilermakers this year so it has to be the drink of the month!


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