#ATXFoodGuyAbroad – Kyoto

I was only able to spend a few days and nights in Kyoto but I’m hooked on this city. It’s so much more laid back than Tokyo, in basically every aspect. Although I was only there for a short time I got to experience a lot of what the city has to offer including fire ramen, sake making, beautiful shrines, and awesome bamboo forests. Here are all the places I went to in my short time in the former southern capital of Japan!

Fushimi Yume Hyakushu Café


Menbaikaichidai Fire Ramen

Nishiki Market

Okuden Okonomiyaki

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This has got to be my new favorite thing and I need a dedicated food truck or restaurant to open up that makes this. This beautiful mound of food is called okonomiyaki and it's a savory pancake of sorts with whatever you want it to have in it. This was the special one this particular restaurant had which contained, among other things, pork, beef, cabbage, scrambled egg, Kyoto green onions, and a raw egg on top that cooks from the heat of the dish. When the lady brought it to the table she called it Godzilla! I've heard a couple places in Austin have this on the menu but I feel they might not be great since none of them specialize in this, but one day I hope that changes. It's could easily be the best drunk food you could possibly have.

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Ramen Hihamatanoboru

Tsukemen Kirari – Fushimi

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