#ATXFoodGuyAbroad – Prague

If you’ve been following along, I recently spent a bit of time in Europe with my friends @atxcocktails@atxbeerguy, and Steve. This is my summary of posts from the beautiful city of Prague! One of the best things about Prague is that they haven’t adopted the Euro and are still using the Czech koruna which has a favorable exchange rate. If you ever get the chance, don’t pass up a visit to this beautiful city!

Kozolvna Apropos

PizzBurg – a.k.a piiiiiiiiiizburg according to Steve

Letna Beer Gardens

Nase Maso

Sisters Bistro

Hemingway Bar

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On my last night in Prague I finally managed to get over to Hemingway Bar with @atxbeerguy for a couple fancy cocktails. I ordered the Different Blood and Sand made with @aberlour 12 year single malt scotch, cherry brandy, amarena syrup, gin-barrel-aged orange bitters, @angosturahouse aromatic bitters, @perrierjouet champagne and garnished with an amarena cherry and orange peel. Chris went with the Hemingway's Lottery comprised of @chivasregal 12 blended whisky, Godet Pearadise, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, fresh basil, Angostura aromatic bitters and pear presented with a scratch off lottery ticket upon which he won a small bottle of liquor from. This bar is listed on many "Best Bars In The World" lists for good reason, so don't pass on a visit if you're in Prague!

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