#ATXFoodGuyAbroad – Venice

One of the best stops on my European vacation was when @atxcocktails and myself flew down to Venice from Berlin to have some amazing seafood, pasta, and cocktails. Here is a summary of my posts from the short amount of time we got to spend in Venice, Italy!

Gelateria lo Squero

Il Mercante

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So happy that @atxcocktails and myself got to spend some time at @ilmercantevenezia with @alemercante and his group while in Venice. Seriously, take a second to go and star them on Google Maps so that if you're ever in Venice you have a reminder. Ok, so now that you've bookmarked them let me tell you about this cocktail, the negroni sour. This is a mixing of @martini Rubino, @martini bitters, @bombaysapphire gin, lemon and orange juice, sugar, @angosturahouse bitters, like a true sour, an egg white for that beautiful frothiness and garnished with a star anise seed. So damn good and, I'm in agreement with Carlos that, this is one of if not the best cocktail bar we've ever visited.

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Ristorante Ca’ Dolfin

Trattoria Alla Ferrata

DoDraghi Bakaro & El Sbarlefo

Ostaria al Vecio Pozzo

Ai Garzoti

Ali Baba Pizza & Kebab


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